Automation Anywhere A2019

Automation Anywhere A2019

Automation anywhere is one of the leading platforms in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology space, now they are releasing the long awaited A2019 version of their automation framework.

As per official statements AA says that Enterprise A2019 employs a radically unique approach to RPA, delivered through three key areas of enhancements — all industry firsts:

  1. A purely web-based RPA platform — ease of use, for all user levels, on all devices, across multiple operating systems
  2. Cloud-based RPA as a Service — for near-infinite scalability via the world’s leading cloud platforms
  3. AI-driven intelligent automation — artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that’s infused throughout the platform

With A2019 users will get 2 types of deployment options:

On Premise

It provided on- prem environment with enterprise-grade privacy, security, governance and control, architected for performance and scale, start automating processes as soon as you log in.

In the Cloud

It is a web interface with resilience, zero-footprint, instantly-available and infinitely scalable cloud-native platform, designed for frictionless adoption, a web-based interface ensures the same intuitive experience whether your platform is on-prem or in the cloud. It provides capabilities to automate a business flow from any browser

The new A2019 version is capable of easily automate end-to-end complex business processes using built-in AI capability to learn and optimize tasks it can create a smarter automation engine by infusing third-party AI technology. It has new user experience with streamline your document-centric processes with drag-and-drop IQ Bot integration.

How is Enterprise A2019 different from the previous versions?

Enterprise A2019 builds on the solid foundation of Enterprise 11 – the version that is currently in production at over 2000 of the worlds’ largest enterprises. Enterprise A2019 includes many new enhancements, many of them industry-firsts, including:

• A purely web-based user interface: this is a zero-footprint bot creator that requires no client download, install or maintenance on the user’s machine

• It is the industries first truly RPA-as-a-Service platform that is easy to deploy, manage and scale across the enterprise. New deployments can be up and running with a few clicks, delivering the first bots in less than four minutes. The platform is always up-to-date – no more manual upgrades.

• In-product learning — step-by-step guides get users started faster

• Individual views to facilitate collaboration between user types: flow view for business users, list view for developer, dual view for collaboration

• The new Universal Recorder simplifies the capturing process by unifying multiple recorders that work across platforms including Citrix, Windows, Web, SAP, more

• Inline Scripting with support for JavaScript, Python, VBScript & more. Pluggable architecture lets you easily add new command packages

• Supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux and MacOS • Attended bots without admin access to the desktop

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