Azure Infrastructure as a Service | Azure IaaS

Azure Infrastructure As A Service

IaaS is a form of cloud computing to provide virtualization of the IT infrastructure such as storage, server and networking resources, the infra resources than accessible by subscriber via virtual machines accessible over the internet. Many organizations take advantage of highly available, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure with Azure—and they only pay for the resources that they use.

Azure IaaS helps them :

Allow remote productivity with the best virtual desktop experience.

Deliver efficiency with integrated security and management capabilities.

Save cost by migrating to the cloud and receiving more value from your existing investments.

Quickly deploy virtual machines and apps and securely connect to any resource to enable remote productivity using :

Windows Virtual Desktop
Azure VPN Gateway

Enable business continuity by adopting simple, cost-effective cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to avoid costly business disruptions using :

Azure Backup
Azure Site Recovery
Azure Virtual WAN

Protect your workloads and networks with industry-leading intelligence and built-in security controls by implementing:

Azure Sentinel
Azure Security Centre
Azure Firewall

Manage and govern servers, Kubernetes clusters and apps across on-premises and multi-cloud from a single control plane with the help of:

Azure Arc
Windows Admin Center

Migrate Windows Server, SQL and Linux workloads to the cloud to improve cash flow, reduce IT costs and increase operational efficiency by using :

Windows and SQL Server on Azure
Linux on Azure
Azure Hybrid Benefit

Simplify and accelerate SAP migration using SAP on Azure – by bringing the intelligence, security and reliability of Azure to your mission critical SAP apps.

When to Use Azure IaaS?

Small companies  prefers to use IaaS to avoid spending time and money on purchasing and creating hardware and software.

Large companies may like to keep complete control over their applications and infrastructure, but they want to purchase only what they actually use or need.

Companies with rapid growth like the scalability and resilience of IaaS, where they can change out specific hardware and software easily as per their need.

What are the limitations of IaaS?

Security is the major threat as system vulnerabilities may expose data communication between the host infrastructure and VMs to unauthorized entities.

Support of legacy application could be difficult.

As due to multi tenant nature hardware would also get shared hence entire restrictions over data sharing will be dependent on cloud provider.

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