Chinese goods are not good!

Why Boycott Chinese products or Boycott Made in China or stop using Chinese products or stop buying Chinese goods Internet campaigns that promote a boycott of Chinese-made products is very popular?

The answer to this boycott is the low quality of products, human rights issues, territorial conflicts involving China, support for separatist movements within China, and objection to more specific matters relating to China, such as the eating of dog meat and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, and more recently, the government’s alleged mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However Many up-and-coming players in Southeast Asia are challenging for the title of the world’s next manufacturing hub. Five countries often considered as such are Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam—the “MITI-V”.

There has been a positive response from several countries, finding alternative sources for the supply of Non-Chinese product and their raw materials is proving to be a tough task but for security and self-reliance countries like India are looking beyond China in the different sectors, here is the list of options.

Mobile Apps and Software

In the recent few years, the app network in the Indian market and abroad has been taken over by several Chinese apps. Currently, many apps and games in the Play Store have a Chinese origin. Lot of experts expressed their concerns and claims that these Chinese apps collect user data and even personal identification information.Intel Agenciesin many Countries advised their respective government to block the use these apps. As of now, there are 52 apps which are live on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store. See Chinese alternative mobile app

Toys and sport items

Recently Chinese imports for Toys and Sport items have been under scrutiny following several high profile product recalls – including some big name brands. Parents are quite understandably anxious about the safety and quality of toys that have been made in China, following the bad publicity due to some serious safety scares with Chinese manufactured.
However as an alternate to china toy manufacturer, Funskool has launched 16 single-brand retail outlets in tier 2 cities like Udaipur, Indore, and many others. It also has plans to expand into smaller towns. Also a successful case of the low-cost, single-brand retail model in India is the sports gear maker Decathlon.


The sad truth in China is, more than 95% of the furniture manufacturers are not doing a good job consistently that irritate and frighten customers globally. Inconsistent product quality from suppliers or manufacturer, delays and other production issues are common while dealing with Chinese companies. As an alternative source to import quality furniture Vietnam is a better option. Vietnam has a fairly diverse range of manufacturers are developed; you’ll find a supplier that can produce to the quality level you want.

LED lights and Bulb

A number of warnings had been logged through the EU’s rapid alert system for hazardous products, the initiative yielded strong results, with 64 per cent of the LED lamps imported from China tested and assessed found to be unsafe. The threat didn’t stop at lamps, high levels of non-compliance were also identified in other LED products. According to the one of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) statistics shows that in recent years several thousand residential fires caused by the lighting equipment in which several people were killeddue to poor China made lighting products.


Chinese cell phones get low security. Many users’ reviews, they often face high risk when using Chinese Smartphone. Information can easily be stolen. Especially, they are not secure if you want to keep important document or personal data on your phone also health wise also the person with Chinese mobile having persistent physical contact with Smartphone is the most concerning thing as the harmful radiations can have adverse effect on the human brain and can even cause cancer.


Chinese are experts in copying or duplicating things, while buying electronics it is a major concern they the build poor quality electrical appliances buy copying branded and popular model. Chinese factories are fine at delivering what was ordered, right down to how many days the product will last before failing miserably.  China makes things that are absolute garbage and also things that are totally first-class but for good quality production you have to pay high which is as good as manufacturing in your own country.

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