Create OTT Platform

Create OTT Platform

With the rise of OTT streaming, video delivery over the internet has buzzword and getting momentum recently. The new trend of OTT is growing at a rapid pace; it has also brought substantial changes by creating a significant impact in the world of TV. Online Television Telecast streaming platformsare a recent alternative to traditional broadcasting networks as more people are choosing cord-cutting. Online TV subscriptions have become the new normal, with over 209.5 million OTT users by year 2021. When we dig down further into statistics and see how rapid the growth graph for OTT is, pushing all other mediums of video consumption to its back.

The demand for OTT services that cater for live events is also growing. Distributing live feeds through OTT was previously complex and unstable. However, improvements in technology mean OTT services are now perfectly suited to broadcast great quality live events, such as sports, to audiences globally

VOD (Video On Demand) 

It is all about convenience. Viewers are not confined to a schedule, they can create their own. VOD also gives viewers the freedom to browse a library and watch content that appeals to them whenever they want, wherever they want and as often as they want.

Linear TV

It caters to the prime time, which also the viewer’s down time of the day. With OTT, viewers don’t have to miss a show as they can watch on the go and keep up with the social conversation. In a scheduled environment viewers are also more likely to watch content they wouldn’t have to otherwise think about.

Live Events

Viewers want to watch live events, such as sports and news, as they happen and be part of the social conversation. With advancements in OTT, viewers are now able to access great quality live broadcasts, wherever they are and on any device.

The top companies that build the best customizable OTT platforms


VPlayed is a customizable OTT solution that has been in the field of building solutions for the last four years. They are providing secure, scalable and easy-to-use platform supports multi-device delivery with high CDN points for unmatched streaming experience. We can Schedule or live broadcast your audio content superlatively over a fully customizable platform supporting multi-format output and swift trans-coding capability with end-to-end security.


It is Centralized Platform To Stream Content On Any devices Simultaneously which provides Bulk Upload,  Easy Drag and Drop,  Video & Audio Scheduling,  Custom Thumbnail and  Content Partner Portal, which help user to take complete ownership of the platform rather than relying solely on video platforms like YouTube.


As per Uscreen web site  – it is the world’s leading OTT platform that allows you to seamlessly launch and manage video streaming apps for mobile devices and TV. It provides designed for optimal user experience and engagement. Personalize your apps’ look and feel to match them perfectly to your brand. Other features include built-in analytics for a detailed insight: dig into watch-time per device to crack your users’ behavior. Identify your best performing videos and focus your future efforts on replicating success for your video streaming service.


As per their official web site user can Leverage the Zype video platform to launch gorgeous and profitable video apps on any device. Zype is the technology core that gets your video to screens everywhere – whether you want to build a subscription video network, offer ad-supported content, or sell films and video a la carte. It provides Meta CMS, Video CRM,  Encoding , Playout  features which helps to build Virtual linear live playout programming, monetization, distribution, and analytics platform with the fastest stream start times in the industry.


As per their official website The LightcastOVP specializes in multi-platform delivery and OTT / ConnectedTV publishing. Publishers of live-streams and on-demand content can use the LightcastOVP and media management system to publish all media to any OTT / ConnectedTV device on the planet – including the leading platforms such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV, Opera TV, PlayStation and XBOX. offers a variety of services and covers the complete supply chain of all requirements for successful OTT publishing like . OTT app development,  OVP & media management system and  media delivery via its global high-performance CDN. It is the top OTT platforms alone reach over 250 Million viewers in North America, with viewership in Europe, Asia, Australia and Central & South America growing fast.


Powr provides the most smart options when it comes to delivering insightful analytics. Though it is a common feature to provide with dashboard analytics view, Powr implemented self patented AI indexes that run on big data to provide moment-based engagement that collects information from both on-site and other integrated platforms the user have given access to.

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