First corona and now cancer

Corona And Cancer

According to the latest cancer report released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Center for Disease Informatics and Research (NCDIR) – Cancer cases in India have increased and may increase up to 12% in the coming 5 years.

Cancer problems are generally seen with increasing age in the elderly. But recently various forms of cancer have been confirmed in India at the age of 23 to 30 which is a surprising thing. It is necessary to understand why cancer is spreading faster in the young body than in the elderly. And if the current rate continues, we may have to face a cancer epidemic in 2050.

Why cancer cases are increasing in India?

The Corona era first imprisoned our busy busy lives in the boundary wall and has now made “masks” like physical parts in our entire lifestyle. Even before Kovid-19 Indian youth’s inappropriate dietary habits, attraction towards processing foods, non-vegetarian diet, chemical pollution, lack of exercise and following some western lifestyle laid the foundation for cancer.

The selfish tendency of human beings has given rise to the terrible situation of climate change all over the world. And the result of this human interest is covid-19. The Corona period has worsened the lifestyle of humans. Due to not being in contact with other people and social distancing, humans are being surrounded by themselves apart from society.

Poor lifestyle, lack of emotional attachment, long hours of work, staying up all day on electronic and internet, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol, use of contraception etc. have given stressful life gifts to human beings. Overall, we can say that mental activities are being replaced by physical activities of human beings. And if this continues, humans may have to face many epidemics with environmental outbreaks on a large scale one after the other.

Cancer is a non infectious disease and is one of the most dreaded disease of human being that cause death all over the globe. more than a millions of Indian suffer from cancer and die annually .

cell is a structural and functional unit of human body and its growth and differentiation is highly controlled and regulated by its mechanism. in Cancer cell there is a breakdown of this regulatory mechanism.

Normal cells show a property called “contact inhibition” by virtue of which contact with other cell inhabit there uncontrolled growth but here cancer cells have lost this property. as a result of this , cancerous cell just continue to divide give rise to masses of cell called “Tumor”

Tumor of two types

  1. Benign Tumor
  2. Malignant Tumor

Benign tumor normally remains to their original location and do not spread to other parts of the body but in Malignant tumor, cells grow very rapidly and can spread from one part of to another parts and cause damaging the surrounding normal tissues. infected cells sloughed from tumor reach distance site through blood and wherever they get lodged in the body , they start a new tumor there it is the most feared property of malignant tumor.

Causes of cancer

Transformation of normal cell into cancerous cell may be introduced by physical chemical or Biological agent are called carcinogens.

carcinogens present in tobacco smoke and have been identified as a major cause of lung cancer . cancer causing virus called oncogenic virus and are activated under certain condition and could lead to an oncogenic transformation of the cell.

Cancer detection and diagnosis

Early detection of Cancer is essential to cure successfully . cancer detection is based on biopsy and histopathological studies of the tissue , blood and bone marrow tests for increased cell count in case of leukemias. there are some techniques that can be used to detect cancer.


In this a piece of suspected tissue cut into thin sections and is stained and examined under microscope.

CT Scan

computed tomography that uses x-ray to generate a three dimensional image of the internals of an object.


(Magnetic resonance imaging) this technique uses a strong magnetic field and non ionizing radiations to accurately detect pathological and physiological changes in the living tissue. is very useful to detect cancer of the internal organ.

Treatment of cancer

The common approaches that can be used for the treatment of cancer are


In this, infected cells are removed by surgery.

Radiation therapy

Through this, the infected cell is eliminated by giving radiation.


in this tumor cells are irradiated neatly taking proper care of normal tissue surrounding the tumor mass.


In this several drugs are are used to kill cancerous cell .some of these are specific for particular tumor.

Majority of drugs have Side Effects like hair loss , anaemia etc. most cancers are treated by combination of surgery radiotherapy chemotherapy.

Tumor cells have been shown to avoid detection and destruction by immune system therefore the patients are given substance is called biological response modifiers such as “Alpha interferon” which activates their immune system and helps in destroying the tumor.

We are human beings not machines so don’t spoil your emotions and feelings with electronic gadgets . we are born to love not to earn money in place of live emotionals.
human emotions are not only connected with our mind but can also infect us physically.

“Keep the beauty of your laughter hidden behind the mask”

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