How to start an internet radio station

Internet radio station

What is an Internet radio station?

An Internet radio stationonline radio stationnet radio, or web radio is an audio stream that can be streamed over the Internet with the help of streaming servers. This is called a streamradio stream or a listening link. You will therefore not be able to listen to it with your usual radio set. Instead, you can listen to it from your computerfeature-phone,  smart-phone or connected speaker. Just like with the classic radios that we listen to mainly in our vehicles, there are standard Internet radio stations and theme based Internet radio stations.

These radios broadcast exclusively done via the Internet. You can listen to these radios on their websites, their mobile applications, connected speakers, listening directories, Internet provider boxes and even in connected cars & TVs.

How to start a Internet Radio?

At the very thing you at least need a computer, an internet connection, and your content (like music or pre-recorded talk shows). If you are planning on broadcasting live music, sports shows, talk radio, or interjecting comments between music, it helps to have a good microphone and recording and editing software like AudaCity, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge Audio Studio, Ocenaudio and several more.

Secondly you need a stream service provider – A stream hosting provider will give you a platform to upload your content and/or broadcast your content live using an encoder. It won’t be easy thought that  you can have  a quick Google search to find a provider who will meet all your needs instead you will need to figure out what you want to get out of your online station, research a few providers, and pick the one that best meets your needs.

After selecting following would be the probable steps you need to perform to setup everything over a streaming service –

Create Your Account

Many service provider provides different plan starting with free trial ones, based on your need you can try out different service provider to check and validate “who is better”.

Upload your contents and Tag them or create master

Once you have account you can start uploading contents or you can choose some existing contents from the provider itself, while uploading you have to be careful of storage capacity allocated for your account. Tags are very easy and flexible which  enable you to organize your media files exactly as you like. 

Build Your Playlists

Once you have uploaded and organized your media files you are ready to start creating playlists and favorites. Playlists can be made up of tracks and tags and are a quick and easy way of creating a professional sounding station and can be particularly handy as you have lots of podcasts of varying lengths.

Integrate Endpoints to your application or website

Finally you have to integrate the service end-points provided by your provider to the application you have developed to play tracks. Once integration is done you can test and promote your application/web to Go-Live.

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