India’s Prime Minister Modi Ji Announced National Health ID Mission on 15 August 2020

Modi Ji Announced National Health ID Mission on 15 August 2020

As we know that the National Health ID mission was mentioned in the address given by Prime Minister Modi on 15 August 2020, let us understand what it is – National Health ID Mission

Mission’s Cornerstone

In 2015, 17 targets have been set by the United Nations to increase the growth rate in health, education, empowerment and other areas. Where did the sustainable development goals go. On this basis, the National Health Policy – 2017 was made by India in 2017. Which directs three of the above 17 goals that are health related.

The Ministry of AYUSH was formed under the National Health Policy-2017. Under which “Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Mission” was launched and in the end of 2019, the global epidemic corona outbreak and challenges in implementation of health plans And to reduce the obstruction, the suggestion of “one nation one health card” system was presented. Based on this, the National Health ID mission was launched by Prime Minister Modi on 15 August 2020.

What is National Health ID

Just as we do proof of our citizenship by the numbers mentioned on the Aadhar card, similarly our health certificate will be National Health ID. There will be 14 unique digits under it. This will be the unique health code of each person, like the Aadhaar card. The National Health ID may include patients, doctors, pathological labs and Pharma Company officials and other citizens.

National Health will be based on technology and AI, which will include all the necessary information related to personal health. Its main objective is to create a health network under the Digital India campaign. Under this –

There will be a mobile application in which the patient has to register himself, under this, the name, mobile number, date of birth, gender, email, Aadhaar card, photo, family member and their mobile number are included.

Along with this, there will be another screen “Records” which will include a complete summary of the prescription, treatment, diagnostic reports, history of the disease and health related information of a patient.

Another screen will be Digi Doctor, under which the name, address and expertise of the doctor will be written, under which a doctor can treat a patient with his digital signature in an authentic way.

Although it is mandatory to pay the fee under digital signature, under this mission, the Digi signature of the doctor or patient will be completely duty free.

All the necessary information related to the health of the doctor, patient and formal lab or pharma company officer and other citizen will be available in digital form under the “health facility identifier”.

Is registration in National Health ID mandatory?

No such statement was said during Prime Minister Modi’s announcement. However, in the initial phase of the mission, it will be applied to the Union Territories and only after positive results can be applied to other states. Important things you should know – Registration is not compulsory in National Health Health ID, this means that the citizen can register as per his wish, along with this, the data of the registrant will be completely safe.Neither the government nor the doctor can interfere in the data of the registrant. Before taking any kind of intervention, it is mandatory to take permission from the concerned registrar, along with this, the registrant can decide how long his data can remain under a doctor.

The mission will benefit that the documents of any patient will be digitized instead of paper, so that their data will be arranged sequentially and with this, the doctor will be aware of the past and current health conditions of the patient, so that he can be given proper advice and treatment. On this, patients and doctors will be able to communicate on the same platform on digital basis, which will save both time and resources. In addition to this, the schemes run by the government related to health will be ensured to reach the beneficiary.

This mission will not only raise the standard for healthcare but will also make the dream of Digital India a step up. Government will also get many benefits through this mission. For example, health statistics will be easily found which will facilitate the assessment of health statistics and other reports. On the same basis, the structure and implementation of future health plans will be ensured. Through this mission, the state-wise allocation of health related finance and grants will be available in the budget.

Overall, it can be said that the National Health ID mission is an appropriate and inevitable step towards health in an outbreak like Corona. However, its result can be determined only after implementation.

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