Reliance Jio launched Made in india Browser, JioPages Browser

jiopages browser

22 October 2020, Reliance Jio launched its Jio Pages named Made-in-India browser, The purpose of which is “keeping privacy at the core of the browser (Keeping privacy at the core of the browser”) Currently available only on Android smartphones.

Jio Pages is built on the powerful Chromium Blink engine. Jio said in a statement, “It provides critical browsing such as fast engine migration, webpage rendering, faster page load, efficient media streaming, emoji domain support and encrypted connections.

“Jio Pages browser has launched eight Indian languages ​​- Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.

Consistent with the user’s preference, Jio Pages only sends notifications to topics that are either important to the user or a user topic of interest. Jio Pages has features of incognito mode that prevent browsing history from being stored in the system Enables private browsing. On Jio Pages, the user has the option to set a four-digit security pin or fingerprint as an access code in incognito mode.

Jio Pages browser has the feature of ad blocker which is very important for the user to block unwanted advertisements and popups while browsing. Keeping in mind many such features, Jio Company has launched Jio Pages browser market for its users. Has landed in Which will help the users a lot, as well as their personal data will also be saved.

Jio Pages browser has been personalized Personalized Home Screen by the company, through which users can also pin their favorite websites easily. Also, you can set the background color of your browsing page according to your personalization theme. Through Informative Cards, you can capture stock market trends, symbols and headlines, cricket scores. Also, through the Advanced Download Manager, browsers can download automatic files such as Image, Video, Document or Pages.

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