Vaishnavism – Symbol of unity

symbol of unity vaishnavism

Another statue of unity in Hyderabad is going to be built after the “Statue of Unity” which is the skyscraper of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a symbol of national unity of India established in the lap of Gujarat. The new statue which will be of the pioneer saint Ramanujacharya of the Vaishnava sect, In ancient times, he established the unity of Hinduism at the level of devotion.

Symbol of unity – Vaishnavism

Vaishnavism is an ideology started from the ancient scriptures called “Vedic Upanishads”, which created faith in the trio of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti through Shri Krishna and Bhagavad Gita and created modern Hinduism prevalent among the millions of people.

The ancient Brahmin religion considered the Vaishnava sect to be its own branch and considered Sri Krishna to be an avatar of the Vedic deity Vishnu or Hari and also accepted 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Thus the Vaishnava sect influenced the religious ideology of the whole of India and succeeded in establishing the unity of Hinduism by creating an atmosphere of tolerance and devotion.

Sri Ramanujacharya is considered to be a pioneer among the leading masters of this Vaishnava sect. He propounded “unique monotheism” and described the worship and devotion of Lord Vishnu as the best means of salvation.

According to the founder of the temple, Chinna Jiyar Swami, Acharya Ji lived for 120 years and thousand years of his birth have been completed. On this occasion, a grand temple will be built at Ramnagar in Hyderabad at a cost of 1000 crores. In which his gold statue of 216 feet high and weighing 120 kg will be installed.

This is the first time in Indian history when a statue of a religious teacher of Sanatan is being installed in a grand manner. His statue was recorded in the Guinness Book, which would be known as the ‘statue of equality “.

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