Workout with Cable Squats

cable squats

Exercise is now a day’s a daily part of routine and most commonly people do workout at gym using machines, as there is a long list of exercise done there “Cable Squats” is one of them.

With the help of Cable machine you can perform different training and can target specific area where you want your muscles to get strength like – Cable Squats, Cable Lunge and Cable leg curl.

What is a Cable machine?

Different from other gym machine in cable machines weights are connected to cables via a set of pulleys. You have to train your body by moving the cables around, while they stay under constant tension against the attached weights, so that your muscles are also under constant tension during an exercise.

Typically, there are two weight blocks, connected to two cables, with space in between for you to stand and do exercise. Two outer pulleys or ropes can be adjustable so that the cable attachments can be fixed at different heights.

How to perform Cable Squats?

This exercise is a bit unusual but remarkable though it does fantastic job to work out your legs and muscle at lower part of body without the risks that come from having a heavy bar with a pounds of weight resting across your upper back.

However there are different ways of doing this work-out but the most common steps are:

  1. First stand in front of a low-pulley station with a straight bar attached.
  2. Now hold the bar with an overhand grip and take 1 or 2 steps back to generate some tension in the cable.
  3. Once you fill enough stretch in your hand now bend your knees to squat until your reaches about parallel to the ground.
  4. Now slowly stand up and repeat Step 3 and 4.

Note Tip: You should not lift your toes off the floor.

Benefits of Cable Squats

Improve muscles strength

Burn the fats from your thigh area

Strength your arms

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