2020 Sixth conference of BRICS was held in Russia

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The sixth conference of environment ministers of BRICS countries was held on 30 July 2020 in Russia. It should be noted that the BRICS countries include five countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa respectively.

BRICS is a regional organization that includes developing and industrialized countries. BRICS was established in May 2008 when BRIC was taken from the first letter of the name of its 4 member countries and the inclusion of South Africa in 2010. Later it became BRICS.

BRICS accounts for 18% of the world’s trade, along with 30% of the world’s GDP

The main objective of the organization is to implement collective security measures in economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems while maintaining international peace and security.

The sixth conference of BRICS was held in Russia

BRICS Six Conference :

The sixth conference of BRICS was held in Russia but its medium was video conferencing due to Corona epidemic. This conference was attended by Prakash Javadekar (Environment Minister) on behalf of India.

Many problems related to environment, forests and climate change were addressed at the conference and their problems were also discussed in front of agenda 2030 prepared by BRICS. On this subject, Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javedkar suggested to achieve the targeted objectives by making finance and technology a medium.

The environment minister of the countries concerned discussed the list of efforts made by their country towards environmental cleanliness. Prakash Javadekar explained in detail India’s efforts in urban management, sea litter, air pollution and cleaning of rivers. It Is to be noted that the next meeting of BRICS will be held in India for which Prakash Javedkar invited the members present in the meeting.

At the conference, the UNFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change) was postponed to November 2021.

In addition to the above topics, the conference stressed to save environmental resources, improve them, use them and implement their recycling in the economy.

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