DRDO successfully tested the Nag anti-tank guided missile

nag anti-tank guided missile

The DRDO successfully tested the Nag anti-tank guided missile, which is now ready to join the army. With this end user test, NAG will enter the production phase and will be manufactured by defense firm Bharat Dynamics Limited or BDL, While it was also reported that the Ordinance factory will produce Medak NAMICA.

DRDO President Dr. G. Satesh Reddy praised the efforts of the research organization, the Indian Army and the industry in bringing the missile to the production stage, and told everyone that it is a 12V missile test by DRDO.

At the same time, the Defense Minister of our country, Rajnath Singh, congratulated the DRDO and the Indian Army for the successful testing of the Nag anti-tank guided missile.

On 22 October, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) successfully carried out the last trail of the Nag anti-tank guided missile. The missile is now ready to join the armed forces. The Nag Anti Tank Guided Missile developed by DRDO was test-fired with a warhead at Pokhran Field Firing Range, Rajasthan. The missile was launched from the Nag missile carrier NAMICA, targeting a dummy tank for testing the Nag Anti Tank Guided Missile. The dummy tank was blown up by the Nag Anti-Guided Guided Missile as a target and blasted the dummy tank’s armor. The missile carrier NAMICA is a Russian-origin BMP-II based system with amphibious capability.

The Defense Research and Development Organization and DRDO stated that the missile was integrated with the actual warhead and that a dummy tank was aimed at some distance. Which was easily blasted by this snake anti-tank guided missile.

Anti-tank guided missiles and ATGM nagas have been developed by the DRDO to surround heavy armored enemy tanks in both day and night situations. The missile has fire-oblivion and top-attack capabilities with passive homing guidance to defeat all main battle tanks equipped with composite and reactive armor. And also told that this missile is very powerful which will destroy the enemy’s tanks in an instant and will win its victory. It will also prove to be very helpful for Indian soldiers. Due to which the enemy’s tank can be targeted from far away and it will be destroyed. This will also be a good and powerful weapon for our Indian Army.

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