How to Launch Online Cooking Classes

How to Launch Online Cooking Classes

Today in the era of online education, where internet is pretty much available in the world it is very easy to launch any type of training or education over the internet. Lets see how we can launch online cooking classes.

Become an Expert

you must train yourself to walk before you can fly. First things, you need experience in teaching students. Try teaching cooking classes in your home first with friends and family as students. This can be a free event to give you a realistic perspective of teaching others. In addition to teaching your own class, you should try attending a few run by professionals. Ask a lot of questions and take many notes.

Organize workshop

Organize a workshop for potential volunteers. Be in the good mood, gesture with gratitude and offer food and drinks also make it a social event where everyone can talk and meet. Once everyone is settled down and socialized, announce the agenda and needs.Have guest sign up on a free registration page through registration form. The process should be fast and easy and the link can be directly e-mailed or SMS. This helps you to keep track of participants as well as ease in communication.

Determine the menu

Never be “Jack of all Master of none” first select recipes that you are master in provided it can be easily followed by people of all skill levels. Choose the recipe wisely to avoid ingredients that are difficult to find in standard grocery stores or have substitution ideas for anything out of the ordinary. Suggestions to alternative ingredients are also appreciated by attendees who have allergies or can’t get to the store. Moreover when selecting your dishes consider factor in prep and cooking time to ensure the class doesn’t take too long. Once you have figured out the right length of the contents, you can set the expectation with your guests as to how much time they’ll need to set aside for the class.

Pick the channel, day, and time

If you have a strong social media following, take advantage of that and go live on one of those platforms like YouTube, Face book or Instagram Live. If you prefer something more along the lines of video conferencing, try WebEx, Zoom or Google Meet. To decide when you should host the class, check traffic and interaction trends for your classes and related activities on your chosen platform, and see what times of day you have the most engagement. Remember to keep time zones in mind if you expect students from around the country and outside of it. You may even want to poll your customers to ask them what day and time works best for them.

It is important that the timing of your class could also map to a meal or date that you’re typically busy for, like Sunday brunch or Taco Tuesday. This helps capture customers who would typically be dining in with you on that day and time.

Create a test run of show

As said that “practice makes things perfect” hence to reduce anxiety and increase awareness for a smooth video, it helps to run multiple rehearsal of the class also it is better to prepare the script in advance. This will set expectations and help everyone to be prepared. Include the ingredients and necessary kitchen tools you’ll be using.

Promote and advertize the classes

Once you know what you’re making, when you’re making it, and where your customers can follow along, spread the word far and wide. Promote the event on your website, Yellow pages, social media sites, WhatsApp broadcast  and to your email lists. Share enticing pictures of the dishes you’ll be making to help drum up excitement about the class. You can also gather feedback and can run the promotional programs to increase the followers.

Telecast – Go live

Take a few minutes at the start of the class to welcome everyone and make yourself and also them feel comfortable. You may want to go through the pre-cap of the show and set expectations for how you will be monitoring your live chat and any answering questions that come during the session.  If you are on a video conferencing platform, walk attendees through the control panel or any features they may need to use during the class. Prior to beginning the actual cooking portion, walk through the ingredient list one last time, and point out that you have premeasured the ingredients—this will encourage others to do the same, if they haven’t done so yet. Use basic cooking language. If you are using  more complex terms, make it an educational experience and explain what they mean to your followers.


Once you are done, quickly recap the entire episode, so that viewers do not have any doubts back in their mind and it could be a good way if you want to correct something or recommend any alternative, you can have a Q&A session also in the last. Thanks everyone but never over whelmed share what would be the upcoming episode or Live session all about finally wish them good for future and say good bye !!.

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