New Covid-19 Mutant

New Covid-19 Mutant

As per news report a new and stronger strain of Covid-19 is found in United Kingdom (UK), in one of the report UK health secretary said that “this new variant is currently out of control and they need to bring it under control”. Scientists are able to identity new strains because they regularly sequence the genetic material from the virus to look for changes, he said.

This new mutant spread 70% faster which changes the way it enters the way in our body that possibly leaves a strong immune system at high risk that is the reason we may see more cases in younger people. The new variant found in UK has named VUI-202012/01 , is thought to have first time appeared in mid-September in the country’s southeast, in the capital London or the county of Kent. In London, 62 percent of cases were due to the new variant in the week of December 9.

Because of above reason several countries have block flights from UK, recently India also halt flights from UK till Dec 31st, and also as per Indian aviation ministry – “

As per Australia also confirmed that “it has detected two cases of the new corona virus strain that has forced Britain to reverse plans to ease curbs over Christmas, the first confirmed cases of the strain in the Asia-Pacific region.

Australia’s most populous state on Sunday reported six new cases of the novel corona virus in people returning from overseas and in quarantine, and authorities said among them were two cases of the fast-spreading new strain.”.

Are new vaccines still be effective against the new strain?

While developing the vaccines the standard approach is like hitting a moving targets, hence scientist must have developed the vaccine so that it can be effective to all variant of same kind of virus, that is the reason many people believe that vaccine should be effective on future strain of the same virus.

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