Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 (aka Ilford)

aka Ilford Spring Cloud

As per spring.io “ Spring Cloud provides tools for developers to quickly build some of the common patterns in distributed systems, Coordination of distributed systems leads to boiler plate patterns, and using Spring Cloud developers can quickly stand up services and applications that implement those patterns. They will work well in any distributed environment, including the developer’s own laptop, bare metal data centers, and managed platforms such as Cloud Foundry”.

Features of Spring Cloud

Distributed/versioned configuration
Service registration and discovery
Service-to-service calls
Load balancing
Circuit Breakers
Global locks
Leadership election and cluster state
Distributed messaging

New version of Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 (aka Ilford) has been released on Dec 22, 2020, as announced on twitter.

Happy Holiday’s everyone, Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 has been released! A whole bunch of new features and fixes are in this major release. See our release notes and blog post for more information.
Blog: https://t.co/f8WUVL7CmR

Release Notes: https://t.co/jrloAXqIjf pic.twitter.com/AVB3HVh76B— Spring Cloud (@springcloud) December 22, 2020

Changes available in Spring Cloud 2020

As per spring.io announcement and release not published following modules are impacted/updated.

Spring Cloud Commons
Spring Cloud Function
Spring Cloud Kubernetes
Spring Cloud Openfeign
Spring Cloud Security
Spring Cloud Gateway
Spring Cloud Netflix
Spring Cloud Task
Spring Cloud Vault

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