Reliance Jio launch : Jio Meet

Reliance Jio - Jio Meet

Reliance Jio has launched its own video conferencing service which spice up the completion in online meeting and video conferencing arenato takes on Google meet,  Zoom and other players. JioMeet, as per sources you can use this platform to video chat with max 100 people simultaneously. Most  interestingly, there is no strict time limit for conducting meetings or any video session, you can continue video conferencing up to 24 hours without any break, as per the company. JioMeet comes with an easy to use interface and can be used on any device or platform you want to starting from Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

In a call this year, Jio executives described JioMeet as a platform that they think would someday have features to enable doctors to consult their patients, prescribe them there medicine, and have a system in place to let them buy medicines online and get test results digitally. Similarly, they said JioMeet will allow teachers to host virtual classrooms for their students, with the ability to record sessions, assign and accept homework, and conduct tests digitally.

JioMeet Vs Zoom

jiomeet vs zoom

Users can download it from different play stores as well as from Jio Meet’s official website, also you can also use you phone number or email to create JioMeet account.

You can invite 99 people for a meeting also as a host.

You can schedule a meeting in advance and share meeting details with invitees to up to 99 participants.

Jio-Meet service uses WEBRTC support that allows users to join a meeting from any device via JioMeet invite link from a supported browser without downloading or load any specific app. However, to host a meeting on JioMeet users will need to download the application. Guest can join meeting from any device using meeting ID and password.

JioMeet providing functionality to have HD audio and video call.

Meetings are encrypted as per Reliance Jio

To secure meetings on JioMeet, the host has the option to enable waiting room

Some other features of JioMeet include screen sharing, multi-device login support, safe driving mode, device switching during an ongoing call and more.

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