Telegram Vs WhatsApp

Telegram Vs WhatsApp

Today, a lot of messaging apps are available in the market, Telegram and WhatsApp are both very popular apps, Whose user count is in million ..

Telegram, the instant cloud-based messaging and voice over IP platform is one of the popular services being used other than  WhatsApp. Telegram’s secret chat option is quite an accepted feature.


No doubt that speed, end to end encryption, file sharing, and group chats are what makes Whatsapp a great application, but Telegram message security is at a very high level, that is the reason many people involved in terrorist and illegal activities use it, It is well known that terrorist organization like ISIS uses Telegram for their communication. In other thought the biggest red-flag with is that they don’t show their work; that nobody other than Telegram knows what encryption algorithm they use; whether or not it’s secure; or whether it has any backdoors.

WhatsApp is based on an open source protocol called “Signal Protocol” by Open Whisper Systems. This protocol is built on top of industry-standard crypto algorithms which have been tested for years or and reviewed by some of the smartest people in the world.

Negative aspect:  when you install Telegram you may find scam related ad, channels allowing you to download pirated movies/web-series.


Telegram uses Cloud Storage, which provides capability that once your data is saved; it could be accessed by you from any number of devices at any point in time, without the need to back up. WhatsApp on other hand store data locally and provide facility to schedule backup of data.

File Transfer

WhatsApp file provide features to send file in compressed format as well, Telegram gives the option to a user to send their data in uncompressed form. In telegram the maximum size of data you can transfer is up to 1.5 Gigabytes, however WhatsApp can allow us to send the file up to 16 MB only.

Telegram does not limit users to send over only certain types of files which make this platform different from WhatsApp because you can send over those rare file formats you had to struggle with other application or website. WhatsApp restrict you to send files with extension like docm, . xlsm, . pptm, rtf, .exe.

Negative aspect:  when you are able to send or receive any file format it is likely attract chances of virus in your mobile or computers. 

Groups, Chats and Broadcasting

Telegram accounts can be operated by Boats which are operated by software rather than actual people and these bots generally have AI features which can be used to broadcast, play, search, conduct polls etc.

Different from WhatsApp where you can create group of maximum 256 people in Telegram you can create two type of group:

Normal Groups : where you add people from your contact list. These types of groups can have at most 200 members and bots.

Super Groups : Each group can be promoted to a super group and by default; a super group is private and can host 100,000 members.

Telegram offers one more concept called “Channels” which are essentially groups where only the admin can post. These channels can be used for broadcasting videos, images, and texts and can have any number of followers.

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