The Science of OM Mantra

In Indian philosophy ‘OM’ is said to be chant of life and it is common belief in Hinduism the vibration is the creator of entire universe so is the living being on earth. Where there is vibration there is a sound, on the contrary, to produce a sound the vibration corresponding to it must also be created.

The Vedas describe this sound as an impulsive vibration, called as ‘spandan’ which created and filled the entire universe, ancient people the ‘rishi” articulated this spandan’ as ‘OM’, the first Mantra.

‘OM’, pronounced as “Aum” represents the threefold states of time – A: the waking state, U: the dreaming state, and the M: deep sleep state basically it symbolizes past, present and future. The most important part of this single Word is the end sound mmmmmmmm, which brings its own illumination and causes the life force energy (prana or breath) in the body to rush upward into the crown of the head. When chanted with deep breathing it produce strong joyful energy vibrations that flow inside and outside, automatically set your face in smile posture and you start feeling calmness and blissfulness. The silence after the chant represents the super-conscious state which is the state away from physical existence

Research have proven that chanting ‘OM’ or “Aum” with concentration reduces adrenaline hormone levels which help in reducing stress.’OM’ also reduces the activity in the limbic system, a portion of the brain associated with stress, emotions, knowledge, and motivation which turn on the parasympathetic nervous system that calms the body-mind and helps in allaying depression. Ancient sages – the ‘rishi’ lived a long healthy life . And the reason behind is increased NITRIC OXIDE .Chanting ‘OM’ in with a proper posture (sitting with a straight back) during sunrise is a scientifically proven way to increase Nitric oxide in the body . It relaxes the blood vessels by causing vasodilatation and increasing flow of blood to the body.

It is widely accepted that meditating with ‘OM’ helps in calming our hearts, and the effect is almost immediate. You can try it – In the situation when you worry too much and your heart start rushing. Just close your eyes and chant ‘OM’ several time with focus, let its vibrations penetrate your heart. and slowly it starts to calms down the heart rate.

A number of stomach problems like bad-tempered bowel syndrome are related to stress. A Harvard study found that ‘OM’ meditation can mitigate symptoms of Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and improve gut health. When you have butterflies in your stomach or a stomach ache try relaxing by chanting ‘OM’.

Studies have shown It has a very deep impact on the child’s brain development when chanted ‘OM’ from childhood. It improves the concentration which leads to a better focus towards goals during exams and higher performance in studies .It develops the creative side of the child. Child remains positive and mindful living in the long run. It also suggested that when you sit with a straight back and chant ‘Om’ , it creates a significant impact on the spinal cord. When you chant the first part of ‘OM’, ( aaa) it generates the vibration in the abdomen which can help support and improve the efficiency of the spinal cord. The sound ‘uuu’ is generated by vocal cords and benefits the thyroid gland.

Since the sound ‘OM’ is the vibration of all creation, hence it is also be a source of manifestation and attraction. When we chant ‘OM’ with feeling of having our desire things weather it is physical or mental it will manifest. The vibration, the energy and the emotions go hand in hand in the universe and what you send out into the Universe is what you receive. It’s like bundle up our dreams with a medium of communication to send out signals.

When you sit down to chant ‘OM’, first be grateful and thankful for what you have. Off course everyone has something to be grateful for. Recognize it. Send your thankfulness to the universe for what you have.

When you finish your chants and have looked inside yourself, outside at your life and the intentions for your desires. Be grateful again. Be true to yourself. Believe your desires will soon manifest and you will enjoy what you have longed for.

Believe me even when I am finishing my article here in this movement about ‘OM’ I am feeling relaxed and blissful. Thanks you!!

Happy Chanting…… ‘Ooooooo…Mmmmmmmmmmm’

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