Top 4 Trending Technologies in 2021

Top 4 Trending Technologies in 2021

Technology is evolving itself very rapidly. It has changed our lives and lifestyle on a large scale you can see the technologies we were having five years ago vs. technologies we are using now there’s a huge difference in that. Also the COVID-19 outbreak makes the IT-Professionals realize that their role will not be same in tomorrow’s contactless environment.

This means you must be keep an eye on future to know which skills you’ll need to compete with the world tomorrow while standing strong toady.

Here’s Top technology trends in 2021 you should know and also try to attempt in 2021. This technologies will not only trending and demanding in 2021 but it will also be highly demanding in coming years.

1. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has been widely spread from past decades and continues to be one of the demanding technologyin future years because of its notable effects.

AI simply means developing the machines in such a way that it can act like humans in different situations such as ability to reason, discover meaning, learn from past experience etc. in other words we can say that mapping of human intelligence processes in machines especiallyin computers. For example: face recognition and detection, speech recognition, digital assistance, Chatbot’s etc.

AI is being used in various fields of life including Health and care, Business development, Education, Automobile industries etc.

2. Blockchain

In year 1991, Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta developed a cryptographically secured blockchain for the first time then from 2009 its graph has high increments. Although it is described very earlier it has potential to grow to be bedrock of the world wide record keeping systems.
Blockchain is a real time peer to peer distributed immutable database.

In simple words it is a specific type of database that stores data in block linked together to form a chain.Once a record or block inserted there is no chance to change it which makes it a little difficult and immutable.

Blockchian stores the transaction records of the bit coin. It is a decentralized way that is no single person or group of persons has control over the data rather all the users collectively retains the control. This feature of blockchain makes it more secure and trustworthy over peer to peer distributed system of unknown users. Guts, spotify, B2expand, match pool, aidcoin, simplyVitalHealth etc. are its most common applications.

At an amazing Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 67.3% during 2020-2025, the global market size of blockchain is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025. Isn’t it good time to make an attempt in it?

3. Cyber Security

Providing protection to the computers, Servers, Data, Mobile, Network and mobiles from the malicious attacks is referred to as Cyber Security.

As long as there are hackers, Cyber Security will remain a trending technology because it will constantly evolve to defend against those hackers.

The number of cyber security jobs are growing three times faster than other technical jobs. By 2021, 6 trillion will be spent on cyber security worldwide this makes a strong proof that it is highly demanding. The need of Cyber security will never fall down as technology increases the threats to it will also increase because the hackers who are trying to access the information illegally are not giving up anytime soon.

4. IoT (Internet of Things)

The global market of IoT (Internet of things) end-users solutions is expected to grow around 1.6 trillion USD, which was 100 billion USD in 2017.

Smart Homes, Gadgets, IoT in agriculture, Health Care, Smart Cities, Manufacturing and industries, automobiles etc. almost every sector of world will be using IoT directly or indirectly.

IoT in general is a network of internet and things i.e. physical objects having inbuilt sensors, software and technologies to share and access the data over internet.
In order to master IoT you must have a good knowledge of Cloud computing, Hardware, Electronics and programming.

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